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“So, now I get to tell you about my friend and co-host Kennedy.

We met in North Carolina where Kennedy was a wage slave for “Tha Man” at a staffing service about ten years ago. Her degree in theater from Iowa’s Drake University was going to waste. So by night, Kennedy dazzled theater goers. Not that kind of theater, you perv. Theater, as in musicals that feature singing and dancing. Be sure to catch Kennedy singing the National Anthem at an arena/game near you. I think what I love the most about Kennedy is her independence and ability to show compassion in any situation plus she can probably beat me up.

Kennedy was married to “Caveman Stan” when we met but sadly they divorced and remain friends to this day. There was also “Bri-Bri” and an engagement that was called-off after a seven year relationship. Thankfully Kennedy has his initial tattooed on her finger, in case she ever forgets his name. Kennedy’s family have most of their roots in Chicago, Virginia and South Carolina and she has two cats that hate her, Stroker & Grey Cat.

Kennedy and I are a team that has been in morning drive together for about seven years. Our first show was in Tallahassee, Florida for a little over a year then we spent about five years in Memphis, Tennessee. We started here at Mix  on January 5th 2009.

Here are a few key topics to brush up on, if you ever find yourself in a conversation with Kennedy:

Reading – Loves The Smell of Books.

Motorcycles – Harley Girl.

Duran Duran – 80’s Lover.

Pop Culture Trivia – You Can’t Beat Kennedy”


Karson With a K

Karson & Kennedy In The Morning

Comments (3)
  1. janet says:

    Hey Kennedy,
    Don’t you think you were a little rough on Adam Lambert on thursday
    morning. I think his performance was typical Adam Lambert!
    You either love or just don’t care for someones style. I think he’s very tallented and love to watch him, I also wish you guys would play his new song more on the radio. I thought he should have won last year. Chris Allen was also very good, I only have heard 2 or 3 songs that he’s released since he won idol. I personally can’t get enough of Adam Lambert. I was also very excited that he was a mentor the other night, he deserves to be there, and miss him on idol. I looked forward every week to see what he was going to do next, and was sad when last years show was over. I love all kinds
    of music, I grew up listening to big band, 60’s and everythng in between, and love all the new current music. So I get excited when
    someone like Adam Lambert comes along, I get the feeling you don’t enjoy him as much. We all have our opinions, and wanted to share my with you. I love listening to you guys in the morning while I am working and love to play along daily when can’t beat kennedy comes on, I haven’t beat you, but I have tied you many times. Keep us laughing out here, now a days we need to do a lot of that. You &
    Karson are good entertainment. Thanks, Advid Listener

  2. Lord of Wolves says:

    As a Rock Vocalist & not an American Idol clone-wanna be,by-product ( as most-All- current pop-40 artists are these days) I am insulted by the machinery-puppetry of the music scene as of late. I learned my craft by listening to records-tapes-cd-mp3 and radio plays…and dreadful church choir for a few yrs. Idol has got to go…it’s had its spotlite time- move on. As I stated, I’m a Rock Vocalist-singer-lyricist-semi-guitar player south of
    Boston-south shore/south coast ,here in Ma. AND the Best,
    Most recent cast-off from Idol was the Lita Ford-esque looking blonde babe who looked,moved,sounded,played real well…she’ Hot…right down to her boots! I f ya wanna see an idol, go to local clubs,pubs,entertainment venues when bands,musicians play…not kareoke wanna be types..! right Kennedy?
    you sexy voiced babe, you.

  3. Corinne says:

    Alright, this is kind of back in the day, that is what I feel right now, I just got internet and I listen to you guys every morning. I was really curious to what was on the web site about you 2. This is my first site I got into. Finally.

    I love your show and you guys make me laugh every morning! Karson, your wife is really sweet with her southern accent. I have a best friend of mine who is from N. Carolina., who does not sound like your wife because she was originally from up here. My friend still has a southern “twang”.

    Oh my gosh, Kennedy is very intelligent. Yesterday, when that stand in woman beat you, I was like, man, I knew the answers to those questions! . At least, I thought I knew almost every question!

    You guys are on my radio all day! I love listening to you both!

    Thank you, your new email fan (and radio all the time)

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