pic225 Justin Bieber News

He has been across the world, so it is only fitting that Justin Bieber gets to go to the one place most guys can not even dream of entering– the Play Boy Mansion.

Hugh Hefner revealed on the Piers Morgan Show that after tweeting about taking his fiance to see Justin’s new movie, Never Say Never, he was approached by Justin and his father , asking if they could visit the mansion. Hef is willing to oblige , but there is not word yet on when the Biebs and his pops get to hang out with playmates.  Hef’s Fiance Crystal Harris, said “I got Bieber Fever. We all do. All Playmates. We want to meet him”  Karson thinks that the playmates better watch out cause the Bieber fans are crazy and there is now telling what they might do.

In other Bieber news, Justin made a surprise guest appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Yesterday (February 23) and not only talked about his new shorter haircut, but gave Ellen DeGeneres a lock of it. He explained that he is giving pieces of his hair to several different people and then he wants them to auction it off and donate the money to their own favorite charities.  Kennedy thinks that this is very weird on both parts, first who wants to buy someone’s DNA and why would you donate it?


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