bristol1 Bristol Palin Says She Was Drunk When She Lost Her Virginity

Does Bristol remember the night she lost her virginity and what was Levi’s surprising reaction when he found out she was pregnant?

Levi Johnston may have a Palin-bashing book coming out this September, but Bristol Palin is beating him to the punch.  Her book, “I’m Not Afraid of Life:  My Journey So Far”, comes out next week.

And not surprisingly, she takes a few shots at Levi.  Like when she talks about losing her virginity to him at the age of 17.  Not exactly a fairy tale moment.

She was actually drunk on wine coolers.  It was her first time hitting the sauce, too.  It was in a tent, during a camping trip . . . and when Bristol woke up the next morning she didn’t even remember it.

After that, she and Levi vowed not to have sex again until they were married.  Obviously, they caved.  Bristol says that she was taking birth control pills to ease her menstrual cramps when she got pregnant.

What was Levi’s reaction?  He said, quote, “Better be a [effing] boy.” …( WHAT?! )

Bristol also refers to Levi as, quote, “The gnat . . . [who’s] constantly spreading false accusations against our family.”  She adds that he, quote, “cheated on me about as frequently as he sharpened his hockey skates.”

And finally, Bristol reveals her reaction when she first heard Levi was going to pose for “Playgirl” . . . “Puke!”

Not remembering the night you lost your virginity because you were to drunk isn’t really the romantic moment people dream about, although it doesn’t  shock us that this happened to Bristol.


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