What to Expect from the New Green Day Album

After getting back in the studio to record their ninth studio album, Green Day have dropped a few hints as to what fans should expect from the new material, and how much we will enjoy it.

Based on comments made in teaser videos on the band’s Youtube channel, it sounds like Green Day are finally growing up a bit. Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong quips in the clip that the album is the first time the band has ever “sung about f***ing.” The latest video from the studio was uploaded Wednesday and shows clips of the band making funny faces over old-timey piano music (scroll down to the bottom to watch both clips - NSFW language).

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That would make sense, as most of their albums have been geared toward, and popular with, the younger teenage crowds rather than adults.

While just about every Green Day album to date features plenty of snot-nosed bratty attitudes, perhaps this one will just be more about enjoying life to the fullest and putting things in perspective.

They’ve already debuted new songs live, including “Carpe Diem,” which Armstrong describes as being about simply “being alive.” Check it out here:

The band have also remarked that the new album will move away from the high-concept structure and themes of their previous two albums, 21st Century Breakdown and American Idiot, the latter of which propelled the band to new levels of super-stardom and endeared them to a whole new generation of fans.

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But it appears the new album will be more of a collection of songs like Dookie or Insomniac, rather than a story-driven record unified by a common narrative thread. Bassist Mike Dirnt remarks in the video that the new songs will “blow their $&#!^% minds,” referring to us.

Based on this one new song, it sounds like the band’s sound and musical style will still retain the qualities of the last two albums that returned them to the mainstream glory of their mid-90s breakthrough. They just aren’t going to exhaust us with an epic storyline to go with it!

What do you think? Do you think Green Day is making the right choice to return to making straightforward albums, or should they keep making the concept albums that have made them so huge in recent years? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Green Day In-Studio Videos

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  1. abhijeet says:

    they should stick to the concepted way.the latest generation of people too crave for something that has meaning and concept.But whatever you say greenday is the best

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