Alex Rodriguez Finds Himself in Shopping Dispute with NYC Boutique

The New York Post is reporting that A-Rod brought girlfriend Torrie Wilson and niece Michelle Silva to Manhattan and let them use his credit card on a shopping spree. Now that he’s figured out how much they spent, he’s demanding that the store offer a refund.

Like we needed any more reasons to hate Alex Rodriguez…

Silva, 20, accounted for a majority of the purchases which totaled $17,604! I bet he’ll now think twice about letting his American Express Black card out of his sights.

From the Post:

“But when Silva got home, we’re told her mom became concerned that her wealthy brother had spoiled her daughter with expensive goods, and told Silva to return the clothes. Rodriguez’s people then called the store repeatedly asking to return the clothes, but were informed Blue & Cream doesn’t issue refunds, only store credit, a rep for the boutique told us.”

Unless it’s Wal-Mart, where you can pretty much return everything (even without receipts), this is typical store policy for a large number of retailers.

But that excuse isn’t good enough for A-Rod! No no no no! He’s threatening to take “further measures” and get his legal team involved.

More from the Post:

“This weekend, Blue & Cream was notified that Rodriguez is disputing the charges. ‘It’s ridiculous. Completely ridiculous,’ said a store rep. ‘We have security tapes and coverage of him at the checkout counter. We’re completely not in the wrong.'”

Now, $17,604 dollars may seem like a lot of money to us common folk.

But for a guy who makes $27.5 million per year, roughly $170,000 per game, and $40,000 per AT BAT, that’s nothing! Chump change. He could literally blow his nose with that amount of money and not even think twice about it.

Alex Rodriguez = The definition of a prima donna athlete. 

What a baby!

Check out this clip:

Rich from our sister station 98.5 The Sports Hub asks Madonna a HILARIOUS question about Alex Rodriguez during the Super Bowl press conference!


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