Heather & Toby from Marlborough Join Karson & Kennedy in Studio on Eve of Wedding

Marlborough couple Heather and Toby are getting married on Saturday, and Karson & Kennedy had them in the studio Friday morning to hear their story and present them with gifts from many local supporters. Heather bravely spoke on the air about the couple’s experience after their apartment caught fire and destroyed nearly everything they had, including most of their wedding items. Heather tells an emotional story about a trip to Target where complete strangers not only recognized the couple, but gave them gifts to help them out.

They went on to talk about their first time back in the apartment to recover any items left behind, and the entire process behind it. They needed to grab a couple of garbage bags and collect everything they could in only 10 minutes.

They were shocked to find two very important things that miraculously survived the fire.

The town of Marlborough has rallied around Heather & Toby, as well as many other local supporters, with plenty of wedding gifts and replacements for almost everything they lost. A few of those gifts were presented to them live in the studio.

Thanks to Above All Transportation for bringing Heather and Toby to and from the station.

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