Bribing My Kids: A Nifty $50 Sunday

By: Mike Morgan

Hello…my name is Mike and I’m the new producer of “The Karson & Kennedy” morning show here at Mix 104.1

All of us on the morning show are going to be blogging now and this is my 1st post.  I tend to have some great stories so I feel this will be a great place to share them.  Most will be about things that happen with my kids and silly things that I find myself involved with.  So, with that said, here we go.

Being the father of 2 kids, ages 16 and 10, I often find myself getting asked to do things that I really do not want to do.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE spending time with my kids, but their idea of fun and mine can differ sometimes.  Recently my 10 year old daughter Libbie wanted to go see Titanic in 3D.  Having already seen this movie before and get a splitting headache every time I hear that damn Celine Dion song, I wanted to get out of this any way I could.  This is where my new ingenious idea (or so I thought) started.

I gave my daughter the option of going to see the movie OR I would take her to the mall and give her $50 cash to spend any way she wanted.  Of course, she took the cash and off we went.  Problem solved!  I went to the Apple store and bought a few things I needed and she went to her stores and bought some clothes.  This really worked out well as I had to go to the mall anyway so it really only cost me $50 to avoid the movie.  And when you think about it, by the time I would have bought the tickets, soda and popcorn, I probably came out ahead of the game and saved 2 hours seeing the movie is 3 hours and I was in and out of the mall in 1 hour.

Now, here is the problem.  Every week since, my daughter asks for (what she has dubbed) a “Nifty $50 Sunday”!  She has even gone as far as to write “Nifty $50 Sunday” on the calendar on every Sunday for the year!  When I broke it down to her that it was really a 1 time deal, she looked at me with her little eyes and pouty face and said “but I want another nifty $50 Sunday”.  Knowing that I couldn’t say no, I told her we would do it again.  Since then, she has also asked for a “Nifty $50 Friday” and a “Nifty $50 Saturday”.  There was even talk of a “Nifty $100 Monday”. What makes this even more costly, is that I have to also give the same deal to my son.  So whatever the bribe is with her, it costs me x2!

Looking back, I think my bribe to avoid Titanic is going to cost me for years.  Then again, no price is too high to never have to hear “My Heart Will Go On” with that annoying Celine Dion voice ever again.

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