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I was living happily in Raleigh, NC for the past 7 years.  I was content.  Then I got the opportunity to come to Boston and try-out for ‘Karson & Kennedy’.  I was skeptical at first, having lived in the South for the last 12 years but the moment the plane descended to Logan and I saw Boston out the window, I fell in love…and I don’t fall in love often!

The Boston, I have seen so far, has embraced me with open-arms and made me feel welcome…and that is not just my co-workers here at Mix 104.1 but everyone throughout my travels.  I shouldn’t say that I won’t miss anything from North Carolina, as my best friends and family are there but Boston immediately presented me with folks that are my kind of people.

dirty water friday Things I will miss from NC...nothing! Hello Boston

photo by SALT

From the cabbie on my first trek out that almost got us jack-knifed by the Green Line on Comm Ave to a gentleman named ‘Big Party’ who threw down the tequila-gauntlet at Dirty Water Fridays’ at the Greatest Bar, the people of this town are amazing and I can’t wait to meet them all…I think I’ll start with the women!

Fenway and the Sox, The Garden and the B’s and C’s, Southie and the Irish, and most importantly, all the bars!

Show me the way, Boston. I am a clean slate, ready for anything.

Future blogs will share more of my exploits and hopefully will include you in my hijinks!


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