Life after American Idol isn’t always so easy.

In the current issue of Rolling Stone Adam Lambert discussed his struggle from Idol into the pop world.

“It’s the Idol stigma. On red carpets at awards shows, other musicians are either really open to embracing me and being friendly and being associated with me, or they just don’t want to,” he said. “A lot of times it’s in my own head, but it feels like a political move to be friends with someone like me.”

While he was invited to Elton John’s Oscar party and is friendly with Katy Perry, he said he has no real famous friends. “Everyone I’m friends with now, I knew before,” he admitted.

“I still feel like I’m not welcome,” he said. “I went to the Grammys this year and felt really weird, like an outsider. Pop music feels like high school again – like, there’s the really cool kids, and I’m not one of those.”

Though he may lament of his lack of celebrity pals, Lambert has been keeping busy working on his sophomore album, Trespassing. He told the magazine that he took his time recording his follow-up to For Your Entertainment.

“I’m not borrowing so much from classic rock this time – more from disco, funk, house. Dance-oriented stuff. I want to make something that’s new, that feels like it’s mixing a bunch of things together.”

Trespassing is due for release tomorrow, May 15.

– Annie Reuter CBS Local


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