Matt Dolloff, CBS Radio Boston

As buzz builds for her seventh studio album Havoc, Alanis Morissette joined Karson & Kennedy to talk about her life and career to this point. Karson had recently heard one of her classic singles and remarked on how great it still sounds up against new music.

Morissette said she still likes to hear her older music because it serves as a personal time capsule for herself and any fan who hears it, whether it conjures up good or bad memories.

“I always look back a few years later to get a sense of what that chapter of my life was like,” she says, “and I just listen to the record and it reminds me.”

Morissette recently debuted Havoc lead single “Guardian” on an episode of Dancing With The Stars. She admits that she quickly became addicted to the show, but would likely never compete on it herself.

“I’d be a little bit freaked out,” she said on joining the dancing competition show. “The pressure on those show just seems so huge.”

Salt eventually asked Morissette if she and her husband were nudists, to which she gave an emphatic “No” but did comment she once spent extended time nude while away on a trip.

“It was my way to escape during the craziness,” she said.

Listen to the entire Alanis Morissette interview with Karson, Kennedy & Salt and preview her new single “Guardian” below.

Click Play to Listen to the Interview


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