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Our very own Erin O’Malley got the privilege of asking the first question, which J-Lo thought was an excellent one — likening the entire Q&A to a therapy session!

Erin wanted the Most Powerful Celebrity on earth to compare her experience as a judge to what she goes through as an artist.

Erin asks, “You were so patient, gentle and kind with the criticism you gave to contestants this year, are you that gentle and patient with yourself?”

After being taken aback by the complexity of the question, J-Lo responded:

“Am I that patient and gentle? I try to be, but I’m not. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I do, just like all perfectionists, tend to beat myself up a little bit. But as I’ve matured, I’ve realized that it’s something you do not want to do. I try, I try to be more loving to myself. It’s been like a mantra of mine over the past couple years. It’s something that I’ve actually learned that has some real, real value to it that I’d like to teach my kids as well.”

The “On The Floor” singer fielded a handful of other questions, including one about juggling her hectic work schedule with her personal life — but was then prodded to pick her favorite American Idol performance of the night!

J-Lo responded:

“My favorite performance tonight from Phil [Philips] was ‘Home,’ his single. I mean, I just thought he really nailed it with that song. It’s the perfect single for him. It went different places, like ‘Oh yeah of course that’s Philip,’ when he first started singing it, but then it went somewhere else that made it very unique, individual.”

Not tipping her hand to how she will vote in the end, Lopez also took the time to gush over 16 year old finalist Jessica Sanchez.

J-Lo said of Sanchez:

“For Jessica, you can’t deny this little girl. She’s just an amazing vocalist. She’s 16 and she has a lot to grow as far as emotion and performance and all that. But she’s only 16, and her voice is probably one of the most privileged out of the past, I don’t know how many years. I hear singers all the time with this show, thousands and thousands of singers, and she’s probably the best.”

Tonight marks the end of Season 11 for American Idol and there’s certainly no clear-cut winner.

Will Jessica Sanchez be showered in praise, becoming the first female contestant since Jordin Sparks in 2007 to win the crown?

Or will Philip Philips prevail?

You can find out tonight starting at 8pm ET for the 2-hour finale show on Fox!

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