The Idol Finale Proposal & Ring

I’ve known Ace Young for years-interviewed him and Diana DeGarmo many times.  But this year was different.  This time, they did interviews as a couple, which I even gave them grief about.  “Look at you two!  Can’t even separate for an hour to do precious!”  Little did I know that Ace had a plan up his sleeve to make sure she was by his side forever.  I caught up with the couple again, moments after their nationally televised engagement & here’s what they had to say.

I went up to them at the after party and kissed them both & asked Ace how this happened.  “I pulled Ryan aside on the carpet and told him what I was thinking,..and he made it happen,” Ace said.  “Wait, this wasn’t planned with the producers days ago?,” I said.  “Nope!  he replied.  I wanted to tape this interaction, but the music was so loud, all 3 of us were shouting back and forth in attempting this conversation.  Diana chimed in “I almost didn’t paint my nails today.  I’m so glad I did!”

The ring is 18K gold with a yellow center diamond & 2 side diamonds.  He had to specially order the yellow diamond and choose it because that’s her favorite color and she loves sunflowers.  Although they didn’t meet on Idol, they both were on the show (DeGarmo was the runner-up on Season 3, Ace placed #7 on season 5) and were introduced through friends.  They did “Hair” on Broadway together, became best friends and eventually fell in love.

Great, kind people I couldn’t be happier for!

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