If you can imagine, Facebook has more than 900 million members and you have to be at least 13 to join. But now, Facebook is looking to make even more friends by lowering that age. Is this safe? Facebook friends could soon be getting younger, as you can guess, something that is not sitting well with many users.

“That’s way too young to be letting people like young kids under 12 to be on Facebook,” said Adam Vizconde.

Facebook is  testing ways to let kids join without lying about their age. Parental controls could also be part of the change, so parents could monitor who their kids are friends with and what apps they use online. Parents think this may not be enough. “I think there’s a lot of adult material on there that they can get into whether or not you have safeguardings and settings and stuff,” said Chris Daher.

Get this, right now, about 7.5 million kids under the age of 13 on Facebook are lying about their age, so will lowering the age help or hurt? Many parents feel that children will be seeing things that they shouldn’t.

Facebook says their main concern is keeping kids safe. Facebook  as we know, just went public, so possibly this could also make a lot of money from letting kids online.

 How do you feel about this? Is this safe?


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