Tim Staskiewicz, CBS Radio Boston

Waking up this foggy Friday morning, we came to two realizations on the Karson & Kennedy show… The Celtics lost… And so did Salt.

You’ll recall from Thursday’s show that Karson and Salt made a bet to see who could grab the most photos of celebrities at last night’s game (Game 6) at the TD Garden. A photo of a celebrity was worth one point, while a photo with a celebrity was worth five points, with Kennedy being the impartial judge.

Unfortunately for the new guy, Karson had the clout and the contacts – ending up with seats near the floor last night. Meanwhile Salt was relegated to somewhere near the roof, looking down on the top of the TD Garden jumbo-tron.

When all was said and done, Karson snapped quite a few more celebrity cell phone shots, causing Salt to get glitter sprayed live on the air.

VIDEO: Salt Gets Glittered

Need a closer look? Photos from the ordeal are below.

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