Animal Suicide: A New Epidemic?

By: Mike Morgan (Producer / The Karson & Kennedy Morning Show)

Monday morning while driving to work, I had a little fender bender with a deer.  I was driving down Rt. 2 East around the Lincoln/Lexington line when I came across a deer in the left hand lane.  I quickly moved to the right hand lane and slowed down to make sure I would not hit it.  I thought things were going to be fine until the deer decided to run at me and smash itself into the front side of my car and then again to the back side.  After dealing with the initial shock of what just happened, I looked in my rear view mirror to see where the deer was, only to see it jump in front of an 18 wheeler, get hit again, and then disappear back into the woods!

I could not believe what I just witnessed!  I was amazed this deer was still moving and able to make its way to the woods after all of this.  I called the State Police to report everything as I knew I was going to have damage to my car.  The Trooper at the Concord Barracks was very nice and said I could continue to drive to work if my car was okay or he could get me a tow.  He also said he would send a car down to take a look in the woods for our injured deer, I assume to relieve it of its pain.  I then called Karson to alert him of my situation and that I may be a few minutes late.

I then got out of my car to check it out and it was too dark to notice anything.  Then again, it was 4:30 am.  I decided to continue on and check it out later.  I could smell some burning rubber and assumed it was from hitting my brakes to avoid the deer.  When I got to the station, I could see the damage much clearer.  My front headlight was loose and was broken on the inside which I found odd.  Everything was smashed but the outside plastic.  My back bumper was detached as well.  All in all it was much better than I feared.

After dealing with the jokes from Karson & Salt (Thank you Kennedy and Zach for being nice) I started to think about things.  Why did the deer throw itself at my moving truck?  It was in the clear and could have continued on its journey without harm.  But no, it waited for me and then tried to kill itself.  Doesn’t the deer know this is no way to solve its problems?  And then to jump in front of an 18 wheeler after?  To top it off, it made me feel horrible after that it used my truck as a means to the end.

It then reminded me that about a month previous, I was coming back from Foxwoods and ran over a little family of ducks on 295.  I was cruising along and out of nowhere I notice this little family crossing the highway!  I was going about 55 mph and there was no time to stop so I swerved out of the way but still ended up getting a few of them, including the mother.  I felt just as horrible then because I know had ruined a family.

But why were they crossing a highway??  Why did they put themselves in my path?  The only thing I can think of, is that these animals are trying to commit suicide.  Why else would they be in harms way like this?  And why are they waiting for me to be on the road to end things?

This is an epidemic that needs to be fixed.  These animals need help and someone to talk to.  We need to help them now before this problem gets more out of hand….and my insurance company cancels my policy!

R.I.P. Deer and ducks.

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