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5. Beyonce, “Daddy”

Not only a dad, but Mathew Knowles was Beyonce’s longtime manager up until 2011, where they mutually parted ways on a business level.

Motivated by devotion and loyalty, this 2003 song off Dangerously In Love is a tribute to her father.

4. Jessica Sanchez, “Dance With My Father”

If you watched season 11 of American Idol, you saw how special the relationship was between runner-up Jessica Sanchez and her father. He was there, night in and night out, throughout the whole competition.

“Dance With My Father,” originally performed by Luther Vandross, took on a whole new meaning because of Ms. Sanchez’s unconditional love for her dad, that was made evident on a weekly basis.

3. Everclear, “Father Of Mine”

Everclear frontman Art Alexakis said at the time that this song was one of the only autobiographical ones he ever wrote.

The ultimate “deadbeat dad” anthem, this song is about abandonment and growing up without a father, which is very difficult to do.

2. John Mayer, “Daughters”

This song by John Mayer illustrates how influential fathers can be on their daughters, especially in their love lives. Fathers teach daughters how to love, a lesson that is taken with them and lasts a lifetime.

1. Will Smith, “Just The Two Of Us”

“Just The Two Of Us” focuses on the relationship between father and son, through good times and bad from the father’s perspective. This song highlights the desire for a father to “give the world” to their children, but they must do so one life-lesson at a time.

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