Matt Dolloff, CBS Radio Boston

Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews Band is obviously an accomplished violinist, but one of his other passions has always been movies and filmmaking. He discussed the making of his unique new movie, Faces in the Mirror, in an exclusive interview with Mix’s own Cali.

Tinsley first came up with the idea for the movie four years ago, which he describes as an almost magical materialization of ideas. And he felt compelled to take on the project no matter what.

“Sometimes, something hits you so hard that you have to do it,” he said.

Faces in the Mirror concerns a young man (played by Ryan Orr) who returns home for his estranged father’s funeral only to embark on a “dream-like odyssey” where various figures lead him to various places in search of peace of mind and forgiveness, according to the movie’s synopsis.

What makes the movie truly unique, though, is that they created the musical score first, and shot the visual elements afterward to fit the music. Tinsley describes the whole process as “a dancing of the movie with the music.”

As a musician, he has always been fascinated by the emotions and feelings that movie music can evoke in viewers. And when the music and visuals are “married together,” movies’ greatest moments manifest themselves.

The simple idea of making a movie had been in Tinsley’s mind ever since he and DMB made the video for “Crash Into Me.” The experience “really affected me emotionally,” he said.

Cali also asked Tinsley about the future of the Dave Matthews Band, to which he explained that the band’s plans for their tour are very loose at the moment and individual shows could all boast their own unique setlists and spontaneous jams. He says he will continue to work on movies even after Faces in the Mirror, and also work with DMB and other music projects.

He said there’s no need to wait on passion projects, explaining that you “gotta do the things you want to do…Now’s the time because it’ll never ever happen if you don’t.”

Listen to the full interview with Boyd Tinsley below.

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