I’m new and you don’t know this about me but I am very hard on my feet. I played a lot of rec league sports before I moved here and without fail, each season, whether it be softball, flag football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, or kickball, I end up destroying my feet in some way. I would get plantar faciitus,  blisters, busted ankles, turf toe, hang nails, and broken toes but by far the worst pain I’ve suffered at the hands of my feet (that sounded weird) was when I lost the toenail on my big toe.

I was playing football and got spiked from a dude, taking the game a little too serious, rocking the metal cleats.  He stepped right on my toe and crushed the nail.  I knew instantly that there was a problem.  Blood pooled under the nail and it went black.  I hadn’t any experience with this so when the nail came loose a few weeks later, this my my first foray into losing an entire nail.  It was not pleasant.  At first just part of the nail was loose.

Then it would get caught on socks and sandals.  Then more of the nail would come loose and so on until finally it was dangling and I had to pull it off with pliers.  This was a much easier loss to deal with as the new toenail had already starting growing underneath so the amount of exposed area when I pulled it was minimal.

That was not the case when it happened again earlier this week.  My toenail had finally grown back fully and I started to trim it again.  The last few months had been painful, as I was trying to guide the new nail in the right direction.  I didn’t want it to grow askew and was very careful to not drop anything on it.  It was tough running on at times but the pain had subsided.  It shows how we can take something as simple as a toenail for granted, as to the amount of pain it can inflict upon a person.

So when I was moving a box of books of my shelf at home and it swung down and just clipped the edge of THAT SAME NAIL…I had an intense feeling of dread wash over me.  This time the entire nail was off and there was no starter nail underneath.  Starting from scratch.  Back to the beginning.  Whole new nail and the biggest nail for that matter and I have large feet (size 12)!  That is a big toe!

Another few months of pain in my future.  Another few months of curbing my exercise routine because I am now missing a nail and the new nail hasn’t grown in yet.  Another few months of daily monitoring to make sure it grows back on track.  I feel like George Costanza in the ‘Seinfeld’ episode where he was planning on this epic summer of unemployment and fun, he deemed, ‘THE SUMMER OF GEORGE!!!’

This was to be the ‘SUMMER OF SALT!’  My first summer in Boston: enjoying the Cape and the sand of all the beaches, running on the Charles and getting back to rec league sports, dancing at all the festivals and BBQ’s, and most importantly wearing flip-flops!  That is all gone…all because of single toenail.

I hate you, toe.


Twitter: @Salt_Mac


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