We decided on a last minute trip to the beach Sunday morning since we were facing an upcoming week full of rain. Revere is really close to Charlestown so we loaded up our toonie crew and headed to the land of Kelly’s Roast Beef. Every time you mention Revere Beach you get all sorts of smart ass comments like…

  • You’re going to grow a third arm from that water.
  • No need to bring condoms, there are plenty on the beach.
  • Hope you love the sound/smell of jumbo jets.
  • Free syringes if you get there early enough.

Listen, I’m not going to claim that Revere should be listed as one of the Top 100 beaches, but let’s be honest. Most beaches in New England pale in comparison to some of the better beaches in the world. It’s really just a result of climate and terrain. Isla Mujeres in Mexico is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen and Destin, Florida has sand that feels like cotton. Revere just works for me though. Parking is free. It’s (mostly) clean. Beach access is free. Lots of good local food spots. It don’t cost nothing…and I love the mix of people. We heard no less that four different languages on Sunday which is exactly what you would hear if you went to South Beach in Miami. The mix of people were fun, playing soccer, frisbee and enjoying all of the space of this beach. Last time we went to Hampton Beach on a sunny day, I had to trample three grandmothers and four infants just to find a 2 foot by 2 foot open parcel of sand and that was after an hour of trying to find a parking spot.

So, crack your jokes. Make your snide comments. Spend two hours sitting is crazy traffic to pay for parking and beach access. The less people that know how great Revere Beach is, works for me. It just means a few less condoms and syringes for Barrett to play with in the sand.


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