by: Mike Morgan / Karson & Kennedy Producer

So a couple of weeks ago, I shared with you that a Deer threw itself into my truck on my way to work (If you missed that gem of a blog post, you can click here to read it).  It did some damage to my headlight as well as body damage to various parts of the drivers side.  It didn’t look too bad at 1st, but that has been changing as time passes.

While waiting for a visit from the appraiser fairy, I noticed that my truck was starting to run weird.  It was making funny noises and would sound loud at times.  Add to it that due to me not having a working left directional signal, I was pulled over twice and had to explain to the very nice officers that a Deer was the cause.  Thankfully they believed me and even found the story funny and let me go without a ticket.

The appraiser finally came to check out the damage and almost didn’t believe my story.  He was perplexed that the outside of my headlight case was intact but the inside was shattered.  He also looked at me as if I was crazy when I told him how the Deer kept trying to run through my truck and hit it in various places.  It wasn’t until he pulled some Deer fur out of a few spots that he changed his tune a bit and wrote it up.  Estimate would be on the way and I would be all set.

The end of last week, I went to stop and get gas on my way to work and when I went to start my truck up again, nothing happened.  The radio turned on, but that was it.  Not even a clicking sound.  Complete silence.  I sat in the parking lot for about 10 minutes trying everything to get it to start.  I was not interested in getting a tow at 4:15 am and knew with my luck it would take the tow truck guy 2 hours to come and get me.  I was not looking forward to the rest of my day.

But then I had this idea to unplug my hands-free unit from my cigarette plug.  When I had the altercation with the Deer, I had braced myself a bit and pushed it in a bit.  It had been loose since so I thought maybe that could be the problem.  Sure enough, I unplugged it and my truck started.  Was it the cause or was it just good luck?  I’m not sure, but I was on the road.

I was finally able to drop it off to the auto body shop yesterday and they gave me a rental.  Now I am in a small little Jetta.  The car has some pep to it, but I am so low to the ground I feel like I am in a go-cart.  I am worried if a Deer hits me now that I will be in much more serious trouble.  I don’t think the Jetta can withstand a Deer impact.  I drove extra cautious today and sure enough encountered a Deer at the same spot on Rt. 2 in Lincoln as I did with the other Deer.  This time it just looked at me, put its head down and hopped back into the woods.  Phew!

The real problem I am having now is with my insurance company.  They are swell people and all, but there seems to be some confusion about my deductible.  The 1st lady said I would not have to pay the $500 and the other lady is now saying I do.  This wasn’t my fault so why should I have to pay it?  I thought that is how it worked when it is “no fault”.  And will I be surcharged now every year until I die because of this?  This unstable Deer could be costing me for YEARS!

I will keep on fighting it.  Hopefully I don’t have to pay it, can get my truck back and return this clown car rental they gave me and then the 1st thing I am doing is trading it in.  I am convinced my truck (which I have only owned since September of last year) is bad luck and needs to go.

Just another day in the life of a guy who lives in Pepperell, drives an hour + to work in the middle of the night and has become a magnate for Deer.


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