Alanis Morissette fans in Europe are among the first to see the singer perform songs from her upcoming album, Havoc and Bright Lights. These shows not only mark the singer’s return to the stage since announcing the details of her new record, but since becoming a mom. 

While some would be nervous, Morissette was looking forward to hitting the road and bringing her new music before a live audience. 

“Going on tour this summer is exciting because we’re going to put a lot of songs up on their feet before the record is even out,” she told CBS Local recently. “The song ‘Celebrity’ I’m excited to see what can be made of that. And then ‘Woman Down’ I can’t wait to play live, for more of the festival, big rock and roll sweaty…theres’ so many different modes, one of them is the sweaty rock and roll girl. The other is the more kind of vulnerable, theater quiet, pin drop silence sweetness, so those are the more ballads. I have these fantasies of doing the songs ‘Havoc’ and ‘Til’ You’ in those environments.”

This time around, her touring entourage has increased by two and now includes her husband and 1-year-old son Ever. And with the changes in her life and family, we asked if any of her time honored touring traditions would change as well, like the pre-show rituals. She explained how they might.

“I think it’s going to involve a lot of breastfeeding and that’s just my husband,” she said while laughing and slapping her knee.

Alanis went on to say, “I’ve never been one to be overly precious about a pre-show ritual to begin with so I’ve often been known to have a really intense, engaging conversation and then turn around and walk-on stage. Sometimes there’s prayer, sometimes there’s tea, but mostly, there’s just turn around and walk on stage.”

The “You Oughta Know” singer has dates in Europe until the end of July. Havoc and Bright Lights is due out August 28.

– Heather Stas, CBS Local


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