by: Mike Morgan / Karson & Kennedy Producer

Over the weekend I had a birthday.  And for my birthday, I went to 1 of my favorite places on the planet, MGM Grand at Foxwoods.  Now, I should tell you that while I do seem to be a frequent flyer there, I do not have any sort of problem.  I don’t have to borrow money from Karson, Kennedy or Salt and can pay all of my bills!  I simply go because I have fun there and love to stay overnight in the hotel.

BUT, I will tell you that I love it MUCH more now that I have a little friend at MGM Grand!  I had a slight issue there a few months ago and since then my new bff Sue takes GREAT care of me.  And I will tell you that I will do anything to keep me on her good side!  My experience there is flawless now and Sue to me is like having my own Sam Marques from the TV show Las Vegas.  She is always asking me if I need anything, if I want reservations anywhere and even put me on the top floor of the hotel!  How can I go wrong here?

For my birthday, she even decked out my room with a special Foxwoods Monopoly game, my favorite drinks (diet coke and diet pepsi) and wrote happy birthday to me on the window!  Talk about making me feel like a high roller!  Now, why the Monopoly game you ask?  Well, she even knows that Monopoly is 1 of my favorite slot machines to play!  I can just imagine that I have my own little file in her blackberry with all of my likes and dislikes!

photo31 My Birthday Weekend At Foxwoods

And speaking of slot machines, I found a new favorite there.  Ghostbusters!  There are only 2 machines at Foxwoods, each one seats 4 people.  1 in in MGM Grand and the other is in the casino by Grand Pequot.  And I advise you check them out and play for a while.  Not only does it have great graphics, movie clips and oh yeah, hits the bonus feature a lot, but it also seems to pay out!  My other favorite is the big Deal or No Deal game.  I actually watched a guy play for over 8 hours!  He would talk to the machine, call it beautiful and wave his arm to try and direct which side the cases would open.

photo5 My Birthday Weekend At Foxwoods

I also made my return to the Blackjack table.  I found an empty table and parked myself down for a few quick games.  Well, 3 hours later I was still there and up $1k!  Do you see how my luck has changed?  Between the great hotel rooms and the amazing treatment I get, how can I lose?  Now do you understand why I love Sue?  She brings me good luck!  I bet if the buffet line was packed (like it usually is) I could probably get her to move me to the front of the line!

photo6 My Birthday Weekend At Foxwoods

Now I have 2 goals for the coming months.  1, I need to find away to become a Royal or King card holder.  Why?  Because my favorite colors are black 1st and gray 2nd and that is what those cards are and they will bring me even more luck!  Plus, it would look extremely cool to whip that out at the blackjack table!  2, I really want to spend the night in a penthouse.  I got to peek inside of 1 during my 2nd to last trip there and all I can say is that I would feel like the guys in the Hangover minus Mike Tyson’s tiger in the bathroom and losing my friend.  I would just chill in the room and probably Skype with my friends from different parts of the room letting them ask where I am.  I would then play if off and just say I was hanging in my room.  Hopefully one of the gaming folks will read this and make a new card for me appear! 🙂

Playing the role of a VIP at MGM Grand at Foxwoods has been great.  Having my new bff Sue has been great.  Winning at Blackjack has been great.  All I need now is for them to open up a Popeye’s there and I will move in!

Now, off to plan what day during my little 4th of July break I will be heading back to play some Ghostbusters and Blackjack!


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