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Pop princess Katy Perry took the explosive nature of the Fourth of July fireworks and used it as a heartening metaphor on self-acceptance and self-expression.

While there are usually many weird and wonderful covers of pop songs on YouTube, most of the ones we found for Perry’s “Firework” were inspirational, emotionally-charged, or interesting.

Just in time for Independence Day, here’s our list of the Top Ten “Firework” Covers On YouTube. Hopefully, they will spark just as much fire in you as the musicians in them felt from “Firework.”

10. Boyce Avenue (Soft Rock Cover)

Boyce Avenue does an amazing soft rock cover of Katy Perry’s extremely pop-centric song.  Combined with David Choi’s incandescent violin work, Perry’s song becomes like a shimmery, pretty rain of fireworks after the genius Boyce Avenue arrangement.

9. Charlee Drew

We love the juxtaposition of Charlee Drew’s sexy accent and the “American” lyrics of “Fireworks.” Even though Katy Perry is singing about the Fourth of July, the self-empowerment message transcends continents.

8. DeStorm (Hip-Hop Cover)

Youtube hip-hop artist, DeStorm, takes “Fireworks” and literally lights a fire underneath the song with his ferocious flow, beatboxing, and modified message. This is a case where the remix is just as good as the original.

7. Ahmir (R&B Cover)

Ahmir calls themselves the most popular R&B group on Youtube. Although we aren’t sure how one gets that title, they definitely made a more sophisticated, adult R&B version of the colorful pop song.

6. Mike Tompkins

If you’ve ever doubted the creative magic of mankind, Mike Tompkins is the remedy to your cynicism. This guy can do anything with his mouth, including singing all the musical parts to “Firework.”

5. Peter Lee Johnson (Violin Cover)

We love classical-tinged versions of pop songs because it gives a totally different perspective on a Top 40 arrangement. Peter Lee Johnson makes “Firework” sing with the refined rhythm of his violin bowing.

4. Google Translate

OK, this is silly, but the idea is clever. Take a pop song and make Google Translate sing it? Why didn’t we think of that?

3. Pianistmiri (Piano Cover)

If you listen to pop songs with your friends, but have a guilty pleasure for jazz, this song will be perfect for you. It will also make you feel like you are shopping at Nordstrom.

2. Kina Grannis

Kina Grannis is one of the most talented vocalists to get her start on Youtube. In fact, we think this raven-haired beauty should be a lot more famous than she actually is. She sings “Firework” with such delicate refinement that when she dives into her falsetto it almost breaks our heart.

1. PS22 Chorus

These is really nothing more inspirational than children singing their favorite songs with passion and unfettered emotion. The music teacher at New York’s PS22 is a modern-day musical hero. We hope someone makes a Mr. Holland’s Opus type movie about him.

Yes, we totally just gave you a free screenplay idea.

CBS Radio Digital Team


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