So, Gregg and I went to Billy Elliott last night at the Opera House. Let me start by saying Gregg’s wife truly had to TWIST his arm to go, and he was so happy he went! He was beyond pleasantly surprised. He didn’t expect to love it as much as he did!

It is such a great story and it captures you right from the beginning. Billy Elliott takes place in the streets of the sad English mining town that’s been beaten down by the iron-fisted fiscal conservatism of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, 1984. It’s the sad reality of a motherless and dysfunctional coal miner’s family. The Dad can’t cook, drinks too much, emotionally unavailable, the Grandma is kooky, ad young Billy wants to become a ballet dancer, much to the opposition of his tough, rugged, blue-collar community. It’s the struggle over ideas and stereo-typing of art and sports with gender identity. This sets the stage for a dark and positive-musical comedy.

This is based on the wonderful 2000 British film. Elton John provided the music. We wrapped the night with an invite to a cast party at Fleming’s! Not bad! So over wine and amazing food, we got to tell “Billy” and his family how much we enjoyed every minute of the show!

Do yourself a favor, and get into to the Opera House, and enjoy Billy Elliott, you’ll be so glad you did! July 24 to August 19.

Call for tickets, today! 1 (617) 451-2345


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