Can’t Beat Kennedy: July 27, 2012

Heading into today, Kennedy’s record stood at 655 wins and 49 losses, which is good for a .930 win percentage for you math wizards.

While looking at pictures of cats on the internet, Kennedy launched into an uncontrollable giggling fit. Salt boldly predicted that this behavior is the sign of someone who is not suited for competition, and that this might be Nicole’s day after all.

After her laughter, Kennedy left the studio while Nicole answered the 5 pop culture trivia questions:

1. Eric Danes is leaving Grey’s Anatomy. What is the nickname of his character?

2. How many rings are there in the symbol of the Olympics?

3. Derek Hough is retiring from Dancing with the Stars after the upcoming all-star season. What is his famous dancer/actress sister’s name?

4. Russell Brand has been charged for throwing a photographer’s phone through a window. What 2008 movie helped launch his acting career in the United States?

5. The cast of Modern Family is filing a class action lawsuit about salary negotiations. What movie did Ed O’Neil star in opposite Rick Moranis as a pee-wee football coach?

Can YOU beat Kennedy?

Click Below To Play Along


  1. McSteamy
  2. 5
  3. Julianne Hough
  4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  5. Little Giants
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