Elite Badminton Players Trying To Lose – Crazy Video

More controversy coming out of the 2012 London games, this time some of the Badminton players have been kicked out of the competition for intentionally throwing the games. Turns out, in the round robin competition, it actually benefits teams to lose and get into the loser’s brackets where the competition isn’t as difficult.

The “competition authorities” (trying to avoid the “O” word here, people) are pulling down the videos as fast as they’re posted, so watch this quickly. These are world class badminton players, intentionally hitting that thing into the net, out of bounds–honestly, this looks more like a SNL skit or Reid family camping outing circa 1988…in fact, we weren’t even this bad…

More proof that Mom was right, taking short cuts doesn’t pay. All the players involved, from China, Korea and Indonesia were all kicked out of the games. A lifetime of hard work and dedication lost.

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