Kennedy’s Dirty on the 30 – Taylor is a Stage 5 Clinger and more

Lots going on out there today, but nothing bigger than Taylor Swifts big announcement!   However, her new album pales in comparison to what she bought yesterday…

Image courtesy of Big Machine Records

Image courtesy Big Machine Records

Tay tay gathered some of her biggest fans and put them in a Romper Room circle to give her missive to the people.  In a nutshell she will be dropping her new album RED on October 22nd.  She’ll be covering the same ol, same ol – giving boys she used to date much crap via hit songs.  The first single is called “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, give you three guesses what it’s about.

Taylor said “the songs are all pretty much about… the tumultuous…semi-toxic relationships I’ve experienced in the last two years.  In my mind all of those emotions are red.”  I’m already over it, here’s Ms Thing to tell you the rest…

In related Taylor Swift news, she decided to buy something yesterday.  A house.  Down the Cape.  NEXT DOOR TO HER BOYTOYS GRAMMY!  Does that sound a little clingy to anyone else?  I mean it’s one thing to start liking your boyfriends favorite football team or spending Saturdays watching him play softball, but it is a complete other thing to buy a freaking house next to the man’s family!  I would also like to meet her realtor, because she bought a house listed at $14 million for only $4.9.  Not bad.   If I was her man, I’d be having serious reservations about this, however, Conor is only 18, so to him it’s just a cool place to go make out.

The house is massive.  It has 13 rooms, several gardens, an arbor, a brick patio with fireplace, a farmhouse kitchen and seven bedrooms.  Here are the pics.

brad ange face Kennedys Dirty on the 30   Taylor is a Stage 5 Clinger and more

So it was supposed to happen last weekend, now the interweb is all a flutter with rumors that Brad and Ange will make it official THIS weekend.  Supposedly, they’ve commissioned wedding bands from their jeweler worth about $784,000 each.  You know how I know this isn’t true?  They are made of rose gold.  Rose gold – really?  I am not a fan.  The source goes on to say that their vows to each other are engraved in them.  “You can’t see it with the naked eye but they both know they’re there.”  So last week no wedding, Jen finally finds a man who will agree to put up with her in good times and bad, this week a wedding?  I think not. 

robert face Kennedys Dirty on the 30   Taylor is a Stage 5 Clinger and more

Robert Pattinson made his long-awaited appearance on The Daily Show last night.  Lots of secrecy.  Jon tried to get answers out of him, but he was evasive and didn’t give much.  Even after being plied with Ben and Jerry’s he still didn’t budge.   Rob handled it all with class and decorum and blah blah blah.  We all wanted dirt and we didn’t get it.   I feel swindled.  Seriously. 

chad ocho Kennedys Dirty on the 30   Taylor is a Stage 5 Clinger and more

And it’s a tough week to be Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson.  First he was accused of head butting his wife, Evelyn Lozada in an altercation about a receipt for condoms.  Then he was let go from the Miami Dolphins.  Then, to add insult to injury, VH1 has canceled us upcoming reality show “Ev and Ocho”.  They issued a statement saying “Due to the unfortunate events over the weekend and the seriousness of the allegations, VH1 is pulling the series from it’s schedule and has no current plans of airing it.” 

Funny sidebar…  On Eve’s last show, “Basketball Wives”, she and Chad were discussing his tendency to wander.  So, Evelyn told him if he was going to cheat on her, he should at least, “Go to the pharmacy and get condoms rather than hide it.”   I tried to find the video, but I couldn’t.  You do the searching, I’ve done all the rest.



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