While onstage this weekend at the V Festival in England, Cher Lloyd had the unfortunate luck of having a bottle of urine thrown at her. Just two songs in, she ran off the stage only to come back and attempt to finish her set. After more bottles were thrown her way Cher cut her set short.

Though she stuck it out and thanked fans online for their support despite her management team’s fear for her safety, there could be some health risks from being dosed with urine. Here’s a look into just what Cher should be aware of in addition to a long, hot shower.

1. Rashes

Ancient cultures saw urine as a way of health, healing and cosmetic purposes but if urine comes into contact with the skin it can cause a rash if someone’s sensitive enough. And if the person who threw it had a UTI, and Cher happened to take a gulp of it as it was thrown at her then she might develop some sort of gastrointestinal infection.

2. Germs can’t be transmitted from urine

As disgusted as Cher must have been, urine is pretty sterile so germs can’t be transmitted unless it touches broken skin or someones eyes. Here’s to hoping it did neither.

3. Urine is mostly water

Since urine consists of 95% water and 5% urine it’s almost like Cher was hit with an open bottle of water. Almost.

4. Urine can stain your clothes

While Cher can breathe a sigh of relief that it’s very unlikely she’ll come down with any health issues from being thrown a bottle of urine, it can leave its mark on her clothes. It is possible to remove the stain in the laundry but rather than be reminded of the event every time she puts on that dress, maybe Cher should just throw her outfit in the trash.

5. The smell

While Cher probably didn’t witness any harm internally, it is possible she experienced some bruising and psychological terrors. The sheer force of a bottle being thrown onstage from the crowd and the odor can be pretty traumatic. Hopefully for her fans she’ll continue to get back on that stage.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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