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We lost a true American hero over the weekend as former astronaut and the first man to walk on the moon Neil Armstrong passed away at the age of 82. Most Americans fortunately know who the guy was, but there were some…exceptions.

You’d think that Neil Armstrong would be a hero written about in textbooks in the same vein as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and guys like that, men who transcended everyone else and became icons and institutions in American history based on their accomplishments.

But that didn’t stop some people in New England from confusing Neil with the other Armstrong, Lance, who just got stripped of his seven Tour de France cycling titles. Oh and there’s the other other Armstrong, Louis famous the trumpet player. Some people didn’t even know who Neil Armstrong was.

NBC screwed the story up yet another way, reporting that classic rocker Neil Young had passed away on their website.

nbc says neil young died Twitter Confuses Neil Armstrong With Lance and Louis

Here’s some of the gems we found on Twitter about the passing of Neil Armstrong. Can you spot which ones are joking about it and which ones are serious?

BONUS: Here’s five people with a perfect suggestion for what to do with Neil Armstrong’s remains. Burying him on the moon seems like the only fitting way to honor him.

PHOTOS: Neil Armstrong

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