Family Fears Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy Might Elope

Matt Dolloff / Mix 104.1

We know Taylor Swift has a history of falling head-over-heels for her boyfriends, but this is just taking it to another level. The country superstar apparently flew a private jet to Massachusetts for boyfriend Conor Kennedy just because she missed him so much, and now the Kennedys believe the couple might even elope!

Sources close to the family tell the New York Post that Taylor left the Kennedy Compound over a week ago to go to Nashville for work, but got so desperate to see her new boyfriend that only a few days later she flew a private jet out to Hyannis Port to pick Conor up – just because she missed him so much! He’s apparently still with her and the family doesn’t know when he’ll be back, which the sources say is raising fears that the crazy-in-love couple might even elope.

This only reinforces widely known beliefs about Taylor and her past relationships, which shoot skyward and crash just as fast.

“She always falls very hard and becomes very intense very quickly, and this time is no exception. In fact she seems to have fallen even harder,” a friend of Taylor’s told the Post.

Well we know one thing, if Taylor and Conor don’t end up together forever we can expect one heck of a breakup song (or maybe an entire album?) about Conor and the Kennedys at some point! Especially if they elope, which most agree would be way too soon for either of them in life, let alone their relationship.

Do you think they will elope? Should they?


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