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Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan accepted his nomination for VP last night with a rousing acceptance speech. It was apparently filled with blatant lies, however, the most obvious being blaming President Obama for failing to save an auto plant that shut down a month before he took office. Watchdog blogs and Politifact go into greater detail on the speech.

Ryan also found time in the speech to make a classic rock reference, but even that wasn’t safe from skewering! In an attempt to tease Mitt Romney over his love for elevator music, he said his playlist goes from “AC/DC to Zeppelin.” What, not love for ZZ Top? And wait, doesn’t that mean his playlist is only half as long as it could be?

Also makes one wonder how any of those bands feel about Ryan in the first place.

This guy believes he has pinpointed what Ryan was like as a schoolboy. Yep, he was “that guy”…

And some simply couldn’t get past the guy’s face…

What was your reaction to Paul Ryan’s RNC speech? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Disclaimer: I do not endorse any particular presidential candidate nor would my views represent that of this radio station.


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