We’re now officially less than 20 days away from the season two premiere of what many people I know call the best show on TV, Homeland on Showtime. What’s that? You don’t subscribe to Showtime? I can tell you that this show alone is worth the subscription.

Yesterday, Showtime leaked the mack-daddy of all trailers, the first 20 minutes of the season 2 premiere which has already given me goosebumps. Read on to check out the trailer and learn more about the potential threat coming this season… it’s going to be SO GOOD!

Considering each episode is roughly 50 minutes, this 20 minute clip is nearly HALF of the entire first episode! As you’ll see when you watch, the first episode does a great job at catching us up on what’s happening and sets the stage for the bombs about to drop this season. If you were concerned at the end of season 1 about how Carrie would get back into the swing of things at the agency, you’ll notice that issue is quickly resolved in the first 20 minutes of the season 2 premiere.

Brody’s back and quickly moving up the political ladder in DC. We knew he was a Congressman at the end of last season but you’re not going to believe the potential jump he’s going to make in just this clip! If you’re still reading this and haven’t seen season 1, it’s available on demand with most cable providers or on the Showtime Anytime iPad app (available in the app store).

Watch the preview at Hollywood.com

What shows are you pumped for this TV season? What do you think is going to happen in season 2 of Homeland? Sound off below and let us know!


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