Bruno Mars Talks New Album & Wearing Women’s Clothing on SNL

Karson & Kennedy

Bruno Mars called into Karson & Kennedy this morning to talk about his new CD Unorthodox Jukebox and a host of other topics, including dressing up as a lady on Saturday Night Live!

To start the interview, the morning show congratulated Bruno on having the highest-rated SNL since Lindsay Lohan hosted it back in March. He performed a variety of material during the show (upwards of 10 songs) because he was the host as well as the musical guest, which took a toll on Bruno’s voice — especially towards the end of the program.

“As the night went by my voice was getting weaker and weaker and weaker,” said Mars. “I’m just happy I got through a couple of songs, at least the monologue. ”

Bruno even dressed as a woman for one of the sketches! It was indeed the first time he put on women’s clothing, contrary to what Karson’s wife Lana thinks! Everyone agreed that Bruno was so good on SNL that he should continue to do variety show type performances because he was perfect for the job, and an enjoyable personality to watch.

His upcoming album is due out December 11th and his new single, “Locked Out Of Heaven,” is available now. Follow him on Twitter @BrunoMars and keep up to date with his upcoming material!

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