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This is why Steven Tyler rarely appears on live TV at any time, let alone early in the morning. The Aerosmith frontman didn’t seem in the clearest state of mind during the band’s appearance on the Today show in New York, where he dropped a live F-bomb and also greeted fans of the wrong show!

Granted it would be tough for someone like Tyler to keep track of his morning TV shows, but he makes an obvious flub right as the band’s introduced as he utters the phrase “Good Morning America” – which is a completely different morning show from the one he was on. This prompted the first great reaction from Al Roker.

Later on, Tyler was speaking to the crowd on a microphone during the weather report from Roker when he screamed “Thanks for coming out…You crazy f***s!” We hope he’s in a better state of mind when they take the stage on Monday at their old apartment on Commonwealth Ave.

See the video at TMZ.

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