Matt Dolloff / Mix 104.1

Well, that didn’t take long. November hits and New England already has a nor’easter to deal with. The huge snowstorm swept through Mass. and beyond on Thursday, knocking out power to thousands.

The weather looks like it will get better quickly and all the snow may be gone by this time next week.

But who knows when the next big snowstorm will hit us? With last year’s mild winter, we can’t help but worry about what this year brings.

Wednesday’s snowstorm started out innocently enough, with some light sprinkling taking place around Boston…

But soon enough the snowstorm started looking like this:

By nighttime this is what it looked like right outside our building:

And it pretty much looked that way everywhere:

And towns everywhere in Massachusetts woke up Friday to this:

New Hampshire, Connecticut and Maine weren’t spared a big snowstorm either:

The storm didn’t keep everyone stuck inside their homes forever, though. Some were quick to make the first snowmen of the season.

And of course…The dogs loved it. They don’t have to shovel snow or anything so why wouldn’t they love snow?


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