Maternity Monday: Did You Take Classes?

photo Maternity Monday: Did You Take Classes?

Photo by Erin

I can’t believe how quickly these weeks are going by-and we have yet to sign up for a birthing class. My doctor’s office has one, but it’s totally booked until long after the little one is scheduled to arrive. This procrastination gene of mine is turning into a real problem(!).

The hospital offers a general class, but I’d like to be part of a smaller group-which brings me to today’s question: Did you take a birthing class? If so, where-and would you recommend it? I’ve also heard a lot about ‘Swaddling,’ and we even registered for those types of blankets, so clearly it would be helpful to learn how that’s properly done too.

Any and all suggestions/thoughts are welcome! Please leave yours below and thanks in advance!! Your answers have been really helpful so far! 🙂

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