Kennedy’s Leaving…For The Weekend – And We Found Her Replacement!

Karson and Salt revealed today that they were in a bit of a pickle because their lovely co-hostess Kennedy was leaving…long pause…for the weekend, and therefore would not be able to help them host the first Not So Silent Night concert.

However, Karson and Salt are nothing if not resourceful, so they came up with a way to find a fill in for Kennedy for the Saturday night show. How did they pull this off, you may ask? Why, by tapping into the extensive pool of loyal listeners for a few who might be the best Kennedy fill-ins or impersonators!

Countless lovely ladies called in to take a shot at it, but only one could win! Do you think Karson, Kennedy and Salt chose wisely?

Click Below To Listen To Part 1 Of The Search:

Part 2:

Part 3 (The Winner!):

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