Harvard Students Jump On Bizarre “Milking” Internet Trend [VIDEO]

You’d think Harvard students would have more important things to worry about – or realize how wasteful this is. “Milking” is becoming the newest strange internet trend along the lines of “planking,” in which you get a half-gallon carton of milk and immediately pour the whole thing over your head. And of course, you film the whole thing and post it on the internet.

It is funny to watch, because the people douse themselves in milk while out in public and doing things like riding bikes and walking up the hallowed Harvard steps. It’s not the first milking montage – that would come from England. This video could poke a hole in the whole theory about Harvard kids being the best and brightest.

Beside the fact that it’s a huge waste of milk and could inconvenience innocent bystanders, milking isn’t even that original. The Hindus have been pouring milk over cobras’ heads as a ritual for some time, and the winner of the Indianapolis 500 usually drinks a bottle of milk after the race, sometimes pouring it on himself. Come on internet, we can do better than this!

(Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)




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