It’s been another great year for War of the Roses on Karson & Kennedy! They introduced plenty of brand new segments, but also revisited many of their favorite Wars of the Roses from past shows with the War of the Roses marathon that began in the summer and ran all the way to the end of the year.

2012 was also a great year for new WOTR segments, though. We heard about suspicious business trips, step mothers, and many others who got people caught red-handed as Kennedy called them up.

Re-live the best of this year’s Karson & Kennedy War of the Roses calls with the top 10 segments of 2012.

10. The Stepmother

Matt met his girlfriend Kelly’s stepmother, who is much younger than her father – so much that Matt might have been interested in her…He said nothing was going on, but Kelly wasn’t convinced.

9. Define an “Exclusive” Relationship

Wendy was concerned her boyfriend Sully’s eye was wandering…And that wasn’t the only thing that was wandering!

8. Ba-Ba-Ba-Benny’s Gay Roommate

Michelle was worried about her best friend Benny and his new hookup…But did she stick her nose where it didn’t belong?

7. Three’s Company

Justine suspected that her college-boyfriend Chaz may have been getting a little too friendly with Justine’s pal, Lizzie. Of course, it wouldn’t be a typical War of the Roses without a little twist!

6. Summer Loving

Kristin went to Hampton Beach with boyfriend Matt and had an enjoyable afternoon. But she was a bit confused when he gave her a necklace with a note saying “I will never forget our night at Hampton Beach.” Sweet note, but there’s one thing: they were only there during the day…

5. Shipped Up to Boston

Kelly was suspicious of why her boyfriend Avery wouldn’t move in with her. Meanwhile, Avery wasn’t happy about Kelly constantly “studying” with Chad…

4. The Business Trip

Ever since Derek got back from his recent business convention, Lindsay was convinced that something fishy was going on. The “other girl” Karen kept writing on Derek’s Facebook page and Lindsay wanted to know what was going on with her.

3. A Family Affair

Andrea thought she made a huge mistake dumping her boyfriend Tim, so she decided to try a reverse War of the Roses and call to try to get him back. She got the shock of her life when Tim took the call…

2. Broke-Heart Mountain

Pam felt her boyfriend Jimmy had been distant due to their lack of intimacy, while at the same time Jimmy walked around with an odd kind of swagger to him…

1.Technical Difficulties

Colleen and Tony tried to conceive a baby, and everything went well until he suddenly stopped having fun in the bedroom…

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