Inauguration weekend was EVERYTHING I hoped it could be.  The pomp, the circumstance, and that coat!!  I need it.  I covet it.  I hope someone knocks it off soon.

Inaugural Parade Held After Swearing In Ceremony

It was a one of a kind from a designer by the name of Thom Browne and was inspired by men’s neck wear. A coat that was inspired by a mans tie?  I mean, is there anything more perfect for me?

Clearly I was a big fan of her style on Monday.  Just adding the belt and purple gloves for the actual ceremony was a nice touch.

Alright enough of that, let’s make fun of people…


Our girl Taylor can dish it out, but boy she sure can’t take it.  Apparently all the jokes and jabs are beginning to take their toll on her.  Which means I must make more.

According to sources,  she’s got a sense of humor but now she doesn’t know who is joking and who isn’t. Hey Taylor, spoiler alert, we are all making fun OF you, not joking WITH you.

What put her over the edge?  It was the Golden Globes. Apparently it was Tina and Amy making funny at her expense that really got under her skin.

Hey Taylor, you took your relationships with John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhall, Conor Kennedy, Taylor Lautner, and Joe Jonas and made everything quite public by putting all of your dirty laundry to catchy tunes. I mean we are all waiting with bated breath for the Harry Styles song. Maybe it’s time to realize you reap what you sow. Try writing a song that has nothing to do with another guy and what a dick they were…I triple dog dare you.

GQ 2005 Men Of The Year Celebration - Arrivals

Sheryl Crow used to date Lance Armstrong – remember that? Well now everyone wants to know if she knew about the doping. Here’s the skinny. There are reports that she did.

According to Frankie Andreu (a former Lance teammate) and his wife, Betsy, Lance included Sheryl on at least one occasion. What had happened was, Lance called Frankie into his hotel room to ask him for a favor.  He wanted Betsy to sign a statement retracting her earlier claim that Lance had admitted to a doctor that he was doping.

They both say Sheryl was in the room when the convo went down. She had this to say to ET:  “I think that honesty is always the best bet and that the truth will set you free.”

She went on to say she only saw “bits and pieces” of Armstrong’s confession interview with Oprah Winfrey. “To carry around a weight like that would be devastating in the long run.” Hmmm….  what do you think?

Discover BCS National Championship - Notre Dame v Alabama

Speaking of interviews, Manti Te’o will give his first on-camera interview to Katie Couric on Thursday. I cannot wait.

I hope there will be a Jerry Springer-type twist at the end, like “you’ll never guess who is here now” and they pan to the stage entrance, only to have no one appear…

Sounded funnier in my head.

Oh yeah, Bill Clinton.. thank you. This is from our very own Alicia Love



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