Ever take yourself into a dangerous neighborhood for a good meal?

Lana purchased our first Groupon this week and we used it at a BBQ place. For some reason, Lana and I decided to take showers and get all gussied up for the night. I can’t lie, all three of us looked pretty damned good and off we went to dinner. Being that it was on a street we thought was nice, we thought this place was going to be mildly upscale. Not 5 Star but nicer than an Outback. Well, we were wrong! When a coworker heard we went there she said, “…and you went there at night?”

They had about ten tables and we were WAY over dressed. We decided to stay since we had the Groupon and set our selves up in a small table in the window. Making the best of it, if you will. Then, the next surprise…no alcohol. No wine. Not even a crappy light beer on tap. This was almost a deal breaker, but again, we decided to stick it out. I’m so glad we did because the food was fantastic. Best BBQ I’ve had since we left Memphis. Think about this, five years ago we had our Wedding Rehearsal Dinner at a famous BBQ place.  We both had pulled pork sandwiches and Barrett had Mac & Cheese that was baked with BBQ flavored chips on top. Brilliant! Corn bread, baked beans, collard greens, they had it all and each was tastier than the next. The sweet tea was horrible and they didn’t know what pepper sauce was (for the greens) but other than that, it was pig heaven.

So, is great food worth a sketchy neighborhood? I say yes, but next time it will be for lunch. In the middle of the day. Where there will be lots of people/witnesses.

If you want the name of the place, drop me an email (karsonwithak@mix1041.com).

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