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Always an endless source of frustration, the MBTA somehow outdid itself last week.

With temperatures hovering around zero and wind chills dipping below, the Green Line managed to somehow catch fire at the Arlington T stop, shutting down service on the entire Green Line. So people who were in the middle of miserable commutes to begin with then had to brave the frigid outdoors due to the T’s own faulty machinery.

Oh, and a bus driver got caught sleeping behind the wheel. Welcome to Boston!

Here’s some more tidbits we “learned” about the T last week.

The T typically waits for the worst days of the year to stop working.

The MBTA typically likes to make their cars as crowded as possible.

Despite being in service for nearly 50 winters in Boston, the T still hasn’t gotten used to this whole “cold weather” thing.

The T often malfunctions for no reason at all, let alone for any reason…

Trains operating with delays and malfunctions is the new “normal…”

…But sometimes the T outperforms all expectations and operates like any other regular public transportation service.

The T has friends in high places…That’s how they get away with so much shenanigans.

We now know why so many people dislike Boston…It’s the T!

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