Wicked Cool Facebook NFL Fan Base Map – New England LOVES The Pats (Duh)

There’s now scientific evidence that New England LOVES the Patriots… Facebook’s “Data Science Team” mapped over 35 million NFL team “Likes” to produce an amazingly accurate graph of exactly how far each team’s fan base stretches.

original Wicked Cool Facebook NFL Fan Base Map   New England LOVES The Pats (Duh)

Needless to say, New England OWNS New England (with the exception of some pretty confused people down in Southwestern Connecticut.)

A couple of other interesting findings:

The NY Jets own exactly ONE county (Nassau County on Long Island.) The Giants DOMINATE the entire NY region.

Snowbirds who’ve migrated to Florida have stayed loyal to their “home” teams with various FLA counties are “owned” by the Giants, Patriots, Steelers, Packers, and Bears fans.

Once the playoff started, they reconfigured the maps using only data from theĀ  twelve remaining teams. The Patriots picked up fans in North & South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and owned practically ALL of Florida!

Finally, screw the Cowboys, the NE Patriots are CLEARLY “America’s Team”, look what happened to the map when only four teams remained:

4 teams

If you’re wondering which team New England is rooting for in the big game–aside from a few random pockets and Cape Cod(?), we’re ALL San Francisco. Sorry, Ray!

See the final SUPERBOWL map and read the entire article HERE

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