SALT pregames the GRAMMYS – DAY 1: Gregg Daniels gets CHOKED OUT!


Describe my week in LA for the 55th ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS?  In a word…OMG!!! (that’s not one word, or even a word, and I sound like a tweener but you get my point)SAM_0568

I arrived at the STAPLES CENTER for the first day of interviews and was whisked up an escalator to the mezzanine level behind the main GRAMMY stage. The enormity of that stage was jaw-dropping.  It stretched from the floor of the STAPLES CENTER clear up to the nosebleeds.  The entire time I was conducting interviews, the gramophone logo was spinning on the 5 story video screen.  It certainly created a cool backdrop to begin the week.

Day 1 – JOHNNY RZEZNIK of the GOO GOO DOLLS came by first and sat down with GREGG DANIELS, FAST FREDDY and myself to kick off the day of interviews – 10 minutes flew by!  We spoke about the blizzard named NEMO that was barreling toward New England.  Johnny told stories of his days in BUFFALO, NY jumping out second story windows dealing with the snow.  We then seamlessly rolled into stories of worst events he had done for radio stations across the country.  He regaled us with a story of cooking chicken wings with a station in Phoenix in 110 degree heat…it was a GREAT start to the session!


After we snap a pic with Johnny, we hear a timid voice in our headphones from back in the MIX 104.1 studios that after the first :30 of the interview, our connection from LA dropped and the studio couldn’t record the rest!

Have you ever been kicked in a sensitive area?  That’s what it felt like x3! We had to hustle and talk to Johnny’s publicist and explain the situation and try to get him to come back and do it all over again.  He was gracious and did another interview but it’s really difficult to re-enact that magic.

I’m not gonna lie to you, this deflated us a bit…but the show must go on!  We talked to the engineer in LA and were back in business.

We then went on a tear with the interviews coming fast and furious:

-GAVIN DEGRAW recounted his last party in BOSTON with ROB THOMAS from MATCHBOX20 at our MIX LOUNGE.


-The up-and-coming band YOUNGBLOOD HAWK popped over and we kept screwing up their name BLACKBEAR HAWK, YOUNG HAWK GUY, and BLOOD BEAR BIRD – we were a mess.

-BRITTANY HOWARD of the ALABAMA SHAKES was so chill she may have been asleep.

Rita chokes Gregg-RITA WILSON, wife of TOM HANKS, came over and almost choked GREGG DANIELS out for referring to her as such. FAST FREDDY and I did not help him one bit as he dug himself deeper.


-REBECCA BLACK of Youtube fame with her song FRIDAY, answered some of my follow-up queries as I felt there were some unanswered questions in the song: front seat or back seat?

The day was saved!

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