Mix Flashback: Erin O’Malley Shares Her College Valentine’s Day Story

It was my freshman year of college. I thought I had found a good guy. We met in religion class & were dating for a few months before V-day. When the day came, he showered me with everything a girl could ask for-flowers, chocolates, a teddy bear. (That was A LOT-especially on a college budget!)

That night, his friends were going to a bar and I had to study for a big test, so I told him he should go with them instead of staying in and watching me study for no real reason.

He went, and months later when I was going to church with my neighbor, she was shocked when I told her I was still dating the guy.

After church, she told me she couldn’t take the guilt anymore & had to tell me that he’d been cheating on me.  He had met her friend who was in nursing school at that bar ON Valentine’s Day.

When she asked “What about Erin?” he said we had just broken up that day. Yeah, the same day of the flowers, chocolates and teddy bear..

The moral of the story is it’s not about what you get, but about who you love and who really loves you back.  THIS is what makes a good Valentine’s Day-and life, for that matter. 😉

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