Maroon 5 have hinted that their Overexposed World Tour would be legendary and they weren’t lying.

“This is definitely going to be Maroon 5’s biggest tour,” guitarist James Valentine said. “This is basically the tour we’ve been waiting our entire careers to do.”

From the moment Maroon 5 took the stage at Madison Square Garden Saturday night they held the crowd in the palm of their hand. As the Garden went dark and the sound of a payphone was heard ringing from the speakers it was evident Valentine’s prediction came true.

Once the curtain fell displaying the band on the stage in an M formation the crowd erupted into screams. Things only got louder as frontman and heartthrob Adam Levine sang the first lines of last year’s hit single “Payphone.”

The energy in the room continued to skyrocket as the band segued into the retro “Makes Me Wonder” featuring Levine’s sultry falsetto. Soon after a futuristic laser light show engulfed the Garden as the band played riff-heavy “Lucky Strike,” reminding everyone just why Maroon 5 is so deserving of the spotlight.

adam levine Maroon 5 Heat Up Madison Square Garden

Throughout their 90-minute set Maroon 5 reflected on their rise to success while continuously thanking their fans.

“Ladies and gentleman this is unbelievable to be here at Madison Square Garden! We are a grateful bunch,” Levine said. “Every legendary act has played in this building. We’re blown away and so thankful. We appreciate your love and for standing by us this entire time. Thank you so much in advance, we love you.”

While the soulful “Sunday Morning” featured Levine’s powerful belts it was the gritty guitar parts on “Harder to Breathe” and keyboard heavy “Love Somebody” that showcased their musicianship.

Maroon 5 have come a long way from their early days as Kara’s Flowers and their set at Madison Square Garden was evidence of their versatile fan base. Every seat was filled with young kids (both girls and boys) and their parents, women in their 20s and even groups of guys were dancing and singing along. This was not lost on the band.

“Back in the day, one time we played a concert in Oregon and there was nobody there,” Levine reflected. “The only person there was the bartender and he left to have a cigarette and no one was in the room. Tonight feels like there are one million people here!”

james and adam Maroon 5 Heat Up Madison Square Garden

As he walked over a staircase that led him to a stage in the middle of the crowd, he once again thanked his fans before he began the poignant “She Will Be Loved,” dedicating it to the ladies in the room.

“This is the coolest job we could have and we would not be here if it wasn’t for you,” he added. Alone in the middle of Madison Square Garden with Valentine on acoustic guitar, it was evident just how far Maroon 5 have come as their legions of fans sang along word for word.

“Thank you for tonight. We’re not finished yet,” Levine said after conducting the crowd in a sing-along. He then pranced back up to the main stage to close out the show with crowd favorite “Moves Like Jagger.”

It’s been a long journey for Maroon 5 and luckily for fans they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

(photo credit: Travis Schneider)

-Annie Reuter,

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