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 Ok, Mom guilt, just being completely honest here. I love my three children, and there is nothing more I want than to have a happy and thriving family, so togetherness is important and needed.

Soooooooo, here is the “BUT”, but school vacation, is a ton of work if you are traveling all together, with activities planned.

Lots of work.

The guilt I guess is when you find yourself longing for Monday morning to come when the Kiddie’s return to school. We are on vacation this week, and skiing at Gunstock for the week (I am commuting to Mix all week.) My husband and I find ourselves up late at night washing long underwear and trying to scout out lost ski gloves and goggles.

Then the routine begins for us first thing in the morning, making breakfast, packing lunches, getting everyone fed and out the door en rte. to the mountain, all suited up for another day of skiing.

“Mom, she’s hitting me!” “Mom, she pulled my hair!” “Mom, she took my poles!” “Mom, she tried to push me off the chair lift!” Followed by (only 2 hours later) “Mom, I’m hungry!” Mom, I hate PB & J!” “Mom, where are the cookies!?!” “Mom, I’m thirsty!”

Never ending.

The “Quiet Contest” is one I vowed I would never play with my family, after playing endless games (and losing) growing up. So after four wonderful long days on “vacation”, my husband and I just booked a three day get away, solo in March.

That’s the vacation, earned by us two for working this entire vacation! The end result, tired parents, and happy children. That’s what it’s all about anyway, right?


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