Kennedy’s Dirty on the 30: Britney Spears is a WHAT?

Good morning kittens. There is a little bit of everything in the Dirty this morning, from dirty old men to dirty old women.  (That was for you Madge)  Oh yea, and Britney made a BIG change.  Let’s get to it.

Let’s wrap up the Oscars with a few afterglow items…


Jack Nicholson STILL gets it done. He’s like 250 years old and still hustles like a boss.

Jennifer Lawrence was doing a post-award show interview and ol’ Jacko decided not to let that stop him. Nope, he wiped his brow and moved on in.  Dropped a line about an ex-girlfriend and once he had her, left with “I’ll be waiting.”

Like. A. Boss. Check out how it’s done:

So, when FLOTUS showed up at the Oscars to award the Best Picture to Argo one wondered how many Secret Service agents knew Ben was going to win before the rest of us did.  I mean they all but chew their food for them before they eat it right?

michelle oscars

Well, according to the Academy, Michelle was the ONLY person to open the envelope. They say “First Lady Michelle Obama was in fact the first and only person to open the Best Picture envelope. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) accountants are the only individuals who have knowledge of the results prior to their live reveal on the Oscars.”

Does that give anyone else pause? So if we say “It’s from the Academy, don’t worry about it” the envelope goes right through to the most powerful bangs in the land? Seems suspect.


Speaking of Ben, leave it to a Bostonian to turn the Oscars into a “playoff beard” situation.

Ben shaved his beard hours after winning the Oscar for Best Picture. There was an Argo after-party at Craig’s restaurant, and Ben (and a few close friends) took turns shaving it off in a hallway outside the bathroom.

Why in the hallway? According to TMZ, it’s where the plug was. I hear you Ben. You know how many times I have had to straighten my hair in some random hallway because the genius contractor who made the bathroom decided no outlets were necessary?

And my favorite part of any fancy night filled with celebrities is realizing that they are just like us and like to post selfies on Twitter…

Madonna In Concert At Madison Square Garden - Opening Night

Madonna has made a career out of constant reinvention, bucking convention and pushing boundaries. Well now the good folks at Instagram are pushing back. Madge has just opened an account with the social networking site that is “Twitter for people who can’t read” and she’s already in trouble.

She posted the message she received from Instagram’s policy bigwigs saying “It has come to our attention that your account has violated our Community Guidelines.”  It also went on to say that she had to pull down the offensive pics or have her account suspended.

Wow. She has sold millions of records even with scurrilous content, wore whatever she want on any awards show, kissed women on prime time, was told to keep it down from entire GOVERNMENTS, but it is Instagram that will bring her down? ATTICA!  ATTICA!

I’m more offended by the food pics people post about the amazing meal they are having at the restaurant I’ll never have anyone take me to than I am a picture of Madonna. I mean who HASN’T seen her naked?

(Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for EJAF)

Britney is Brunette? I don’t know when this happened, but I likey.

markey long hair

And my favorite story of the day. Just when you think Mark Wahlberg is a legitimate actor/producer/media mogul/smart he goes and says something like this.

Marky Mark was offered a part in JJ Abrams first “Star Trek” movie but he turned it down because…wait for it…he didn’t get it.   I’ll say that again so it can sink in. He didn’t get it. He was offered the part of Captain Kirk’s dad (which Chris Hemsworth ended up playing).

As I recall it was a very small part where he send James T and his momma away and saved the world. Not too tough to understand, right? He said about the part “I tried to read the script, but I couldn’t understand the words of dialogue or anything, and I said, ‘I couldn’t do this.'” Huh?

Dear Mark, I heart you.

Ok, that’s it.


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