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The logistics of Boston sporting events are pretty much always a nightmare; it doesn’t matter if it’s the Bruins, Red Sox, Celtics or Patriots. Driving, parking, lodging (if you’re from out-of-town), and all the other fine details of attending a game almost make the actual event secondary to the madness of everything in-between.

So if a simple Celtics game is bad…What would happen if Boston were to host the Olympics? Would the city implode into nothing? Would it sink into the ocean? Would it burn to the ground from the hatred from pretty much every other sports town?

We know one thing: it would be ugly. But that doesn’t mean we can’t come up with some zany Olympic events that would perfectly capture the spirit of the city. WBZ’s David Wade got the Twittersphere going soon after the report of rumored interest in Boston as a future Olympics city:

Little did David know he would garner hundreds of responses. Karson jumped in on the fun:

And David even chimed in with some of his own:

Many of the proposed events were so crazy, they just might work. Here’s the 10 most ridiculous and cleverly named favorite fake Boston Olympic events, according to us:










And the #1 fake Boston Olympic event is…

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