Boston Not Concerned About #Snowquester As Blizzard Hits Washington D.C.

Matt Dolloff / Mix 104.1

Just when you thought winter was over…Yet another big storm is headed for New England this week, and apparently this one is the wet & heavy type – a.k.a. gross. But before it hits Boston, the storm hits Washington D.C. – and as a result they’ve shut down the federal government for today, resulting in the instant nickname “Snowquester.”

The forecast for New England looks like another blizzard is on the way, but it’s not like that hasn’t happened to us countless times already – even this year.

The hashtag #snowquester has blown up on Twitter as the storm rolls through the nation’s capital, and as most Boston residents might expect, D.C. seems to be hugely overreacting to the snow while we sit back and scoff at their misery.

Can’t really blame us, either. After getting one of the biggest storms in history a month ago, this one in D.C. is comparatively pretty weak.

Living in Boston certainly has had permanent effects on those who ended up in Washington this week.

And of course, some just couldn’t resist taking swipes at the suits on Capitol Hill…

What’s your reaction to the “snowquester” storm this week? Is it “meh” like so many other Boston citizens, or are you panicking like so many in D.C.?


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